Career Journeys



17blue®, LLC  is a privately held, family-owned and operated North Carolina LLC Partnership.

Categories of Work

17blue® accepts resume and portfolio submissions for the following categories of work at any time. Resumes and portfolios are kept on file for 1 year.

  • Sales & Account Managers
  • Marketing Strategists 
  • Content Writing/Optimization Specialists
  • Experienced Social Media Marketers
  • Web Developers
  • Experienced SEO/ Analytics Specialists
  • Graphic Designers

Preferred Skills:

  • Strong Communication Skills:  Verbal, Written and Interpersonal
    • Ability to Communicate Effectively with Team and Clients
    • Ability to Research & Write with Deadlines
    • Strong Grammar & Punctuation Skills
    • Technical and Creative Writing Skills
    • Content Optimization Expertise
  • Adobe Creative Suite Training and Experience
    • Illustrator CC, latest version
    • InDesign CC, latest version
    • Photoshop CC, latest version
    • Experience with design file management and digital print specs
  • Web Development, Hosting Server Management Experience
    • WordPress Development
    • PHP/mySQL
    • Java Script/JQuery/etc…
    • Linux; cPanel
    • Support Ticket Management
  • Google Applications/Certifications

Please include your experience and references with your resume and your digital portfolio, if applicable. Resumes may be submitted by email to contact@go17blue.com or copies may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Employment
624 New Bridge Street, Suite 600
Jacksonville, NC 28540